This week I had the ambitious idea of shooting in Margate. I have set my sights on being published in Lucy's Magazine. I asked my super talented friend @sarahriderphoto if she fancied the task of being my photographer for the shoot and happily she said yes.

When I was on the Most curious wedding show I met @peonyvintage who runs an incredible vintage clothes shop in Margate but who also wants to do more styling and model @jessjardim, they both agreed to join us.

The day was crazy and very long but such a good and learning experience, in hind sight I think I planned too much for one day and don't think the images we ended up with are Lucy's, but we have got some incredible shots and we had a brilliant day. I have gained a lot from this shoot and will not give up on my quest. Here are a few location shots, real images will follow shortly.